Enhanced Business Security with Advanced Video Surveillance Solutions

Protect your enterprise against theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access through our sophisticated video surveillance and CCTV systems.

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Empowering Business Efficiency

Choosing the right video surveillance system for your business can be tough without guidance. At Bizcom Technology, we’re experts in designing, installing, and monitoring video systems tailored to your needs, whether it’s traditional or cloud-based.
A video surveillance system is a vital part of a thorough security plan. Whether you oversee a single location or multiple sites, an efficient video surveillance system can act as a deterrent to crime and offer valuable insights into your business operations.

Comprehensive Video Surveillance Offerings


Array of IP, analog, and hybrid video surveillance camera systems


Diverse local, network, and cloud-based video storage solutions


Interactive video monitoring capabilities


Video alarm verification services


Seamless real-time video access via mobile application


Cutting-edge video analytics functionalities with detailed reporting capabilities


Integration capabilities with intrusion detection systems, access control solutions, and more

Bizcom Technology’s Service Assurance Solution

Whether seeking to optimize existing security camera infrastructure to maximize uptime or aspiring for an advanced video solution capable of automating issue resolution, Bizcom Technology’s Service Assurance solution offers a myriad of benefits:

Minimize instances of missing video evidence

Elevate cybersecurity practices

Automate compliance with auditing standards

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