Cloud Computing, long a fundamental part of digital transformation, is seeing even more changes in 2024 and beyond. From hybrid and multi-cloud to the intersection of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, and the security and compliance implications, digital transformation and innovation will continue. Read on to learn more about upcoming cloud trends. 


Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments Rising in Popularity


Hybrid Cloud environments, wherein some of an organization’s computing resources are in a private cloud and others in a public cloud environment, seem to offer the best of both worlds. Hybrid clouds offer the cost-effectiveness of public cloud, while preserving data privacy by keeping some infrastructure on-premise. The latter can benefit businesses in industries that must comply with data protection regulations. It will be vital for businesses using hybrid cloud to know where business data resides–not to mention your cloud service provider’s regulatory compliance policies. 


With multi-cloud architecture, numerous providers are used, and this provides flexible solutions and benefits to fit your business. What your company needs to consider, though, is that additional configuration may be required for the different services to communicate with each other, and how this can impact the experience for end users. 


Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud


Another trend is the connection between cloud computing and artificial intelligence. What the two have in common is automation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) with its large reservoir of data can help automate and streamline mundane processes and free up time to work on the company’s strategic goals. Artificial intelligence, an enabling technology, can analyze data and provide insights that can lead to even more precise strategy. Cloud and AI can work together to enhance customer experience. Software as a Service (SaaS) will integrate with AI more and more in the coming years. 


Security and Compliance Continue in Importance


As always, with the advance of technology, security of data and systems and compliance with data protection regulations will always be vital. In the realm of Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud providers will focus on enhancements of security features. Since businesses and entire industries will increasingly need to comply with data-protection regulations. Business owners may want to meet with their providers and learn how these enhancements will aid compliance for the organization.


The cloud will continue to be integrated with technology like artificial intelligence. To learn more about cloud trends, contact your trusted technology provider. 

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